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Let’s Be Fast!! Which VPN Will You Use When Twitter Gets Banned In Nigeria?



Let's Be Fast!! Which VPN Will You Use When Twitter Gets Banned In Nigeria?

Be Very Fast!! Which VPN Will I Use When Twitter Gets Banned In Nigeria?

Have you heard? That they will banned Twitter in Nigeria, and Nigerian’s can’t use it anymore 🤦 but I heard they can use VPN to access it

It’s a very serious issue we need to attend to and I don’t want us to sleep on it, Because Twitter is where we normally Information from, now it’s going to get banned by the Nigerian Government.

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Now that the Federal Government has decided to ban Twitter access in Nigeria, we won’t have any access to use the App anymore. It’s painful 😭

What is the way forward? Is there any VPN that can still give us access to the Twitter App?

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Which VPN Will You Recommend Before Tele Communications Start Restricting Twitter Access In Nigeria?

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