Everything You Need To Know About NSFAS 2022 Application

Everything You Need To Know About NSFAS 2022 Application







Since NSFAS extended it’s 2022 application form, this was due to the massive number of applicants applying for the NSFAS.

If you have been trying to apply for the NSFAS and you are finding it difficult to, below are some of the most frequently asked question(FAQ) by applicants answered by NSFAS team.

FAQ: It doesn’t allow me to fill in the 4 errors. What can I do?

NSFAS TEAM: You would have to try using a different device or different network and keep trying.

FAQ: My status has been on funding eligibility Right pointing backhand index since the second week of november 2021. When will my status change.

NSFAS TEAM: Your 2022 application is awaiting your academic results in order to determine if you will be funding this year.

FAQ: It won’t let me select a year

NSFAS TEAM: Try using a different device or different cellular network (Telkom is know not to work 100% on the NSFAS website). Please refresh your browser, clear cache and cookies then try again.

FAQ: I realized that I made a mistake after sending my application, is there anyway I can edit my application when it’s already sent?

NSFAS TEAM: You may not edit your application, however you may cancel your application and reapply if the mistake is work correcting.

FAQ: Guys I’m also having a problem. I’ve been trying to login since yesterday but I couldn’t and now it say my userprofile is locked. Can someone please help me ??

NSFAS TEAM: Reset your password to unlock your myNSFAS portal.

FAQ: I have been stuck on funding eligibility for almost a month now should i cancel nd reapply or wht coz im tired of checking now

NSFAS TEAM: 2022 NSFAS applications are in process.

FAQ: Please advise it’s been doing this even though I’ve entered the correct name and surname

NSFAS TEAM: If you have any special characters (such as hyphens) in your names or surname, you need to type it without the special characters.

FAQ: Help me out guys do NSFAS sponsor for private institutions.

NSFAS TEAM : NSFAS does not fund private institutions.

FAQ: I am unable to check my status.

NSFAS TEAM: Please note that, yes, there is a high volume as everyone is trying to apply.









Everything You Need To Know About NSFAS 2022 Application

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