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Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians ( Fully funded )



Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians ( Fully funded )

Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians ( Fully funded )

The Aleph Fellowship is a program targeted at Nigerian students in their last year of secondary school education or students who have just graduated from secondary school.


Each year, we will select a pool of young adults from across the nation, who have displayed a spark of brilliance and have demonstrated a history of teaching themselves a diverse range of topics.



Fellows will be groomed and mentored over a period of 2 years.


Aleph Fellowship 2021 Benefits

They will earn a stipend of 100,000 Naira (~$200) per month for the first year and 150,000 Naira (~$300) per month for the second year (guaranteed regardless of what goals they achieve as long as they do not enroll in any higher education institution — this is also some form of experiment in basic income).

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At the start of the program, Aleph Fellows define a two year learning curriculum that includes learning about a broad range of fields: physics, cryptography, medicine, history, economics, game theory, political science etc.


They will also take part in at least one internship program and are encouraged to work on group projects together. There will also be regular fellowship activities to help them continue to build their social skills, form new friendships and establish a deeper network.


Learning is self-directed and self-paced and the Aleph Fellowship team just has regular check-in points, connects fellows with folks in our network and holds fellows accountable to the goals they set for themselves. Once they’re done with the two year program, they can drill in and focus on any career field they want. We will also connect them with resources and world class teams in their chosen career paths so they can have a great shot at excellence.

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Our Aim

The aim of the fellowship is to open kids living in Nigeria to a much higher quest of learning. If we remove the obstacles around learning, remove the immediate concern for an income and let young minds wander, they will lean into their curiosity and climb great intellectual mountains. I want us to take a big and bold bet on the Nigerian youth. It’s audacious and ambitious but in a few decades, the program should be churning out Curies, Buterins, Du Boises, and Doudnas.


How to Apply for Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians

If you consider yourself an autodidact, love dreaming big, are incredibly obsessed with learning, enjoy building and want to take a big and bold bet on your future, then come apply here. I promise it will be fun and challenging! The application is open for the next 4 weeks and closes on Sunday, May 9 at 10 pm WAT.

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For More Information: Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians


Aleph Fellowship 2021 for Young Nigerians ( Fully funded )


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