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Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Advice Nigerian Government



Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Advice Nigerian Government

Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Advice Nigerian Government


Nigerian entrepreneur popular know as Godgift Samuel has calls on the Nigerian Government and the good  people  on the way forward to Nigeria.


How  are you and how is your day going? my name is Godgift Samuel. I’m a Nigerian and a indegenous one at that.

i want to talk about my beloved country “Nigeria” and how we can make it work for all of us.

It is a pleasure to write to you this. Thank you.


“It lies in our hearts first before it comes to our hands to work hard to make our country great and make it what we want it to be”

“we are Nigeria, everything we do represents Nigeria, anything we says talks about nigeria”.

As Nigerians, we should be able to believe and think our future, it should work within our minds to ask ourselves where Nigeria is heading to.. Because most people don’t know and that is the responsibility government to let us should. Because  we are the future of Nigeria. The beautiful countries that you hear, with good systems that work for their good. it is because they believed,thinked,plan and worked towards their you would like to travel there.


I LOVE NIGERIA, why do you think people say they love america, because america is a good me who no like better thing ..
and that is why we must invest in nigeria before anybody does. and if you’re not seeing people from outside investing in nigeria, that is because we have not invested enough.


there is no future if we don’t commit ourselves to it. we areare the future.we are what we are today because of what we did and did not do yesterday.both of them now plays on us.THE FUTURE IS CLOSE TO US JUST LIKE
i would advice the government to work on food (FOOD ) more because our population is increasing tremendously.

Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Advice Nigerian Government

Young Nigerian Entrepreneur Advice Nigerian Government



we are one of the blessed country on the surface of the earth and with the blessings success is ours.and i believe we are working on it.
my advice is: WE NEED EACH IN ORDER TO SUCCEED AS A COUNTRY. let no body feel too important because we are all in a ship and once the ship sinks, we all go down.WE NEED EACH OTHER YO SUCCEED AS A COUNTRY and that’s the remedy to succeed as a country.this country is surviving, bit if we comw together, we will succeed for sure.
thank you.




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