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The Reason I Got Into Music Production – Duncan Onyemuwa

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The Reason I Got Into Music Production – Duncan Onyemuwa


Duncan Onyemuwa, known professionally as Duncan Daniels aka Dunkishrock is a singer, songwriter, music production and entrepreneur. Speaking to our reporter recently he bared his mind on how and why he got into music production.

“The main reason I got into music production in the first place was because I was unable to find any producers at the time that could produce my type of genre so I decided to learn and produce them myself” he said. “I was so determined at that point, that I released a 12 track debut album titled “I Don Taya” which till today contains most of my personal favorite songs I have recorded” he told our reporter. He said he achieved this “Big Dream” only to realize He just scratched off the surface of his music career. “I was such a novice in the business aspect of music and it cost me a great deal in the way I handled the marketing of the album, to cut long story short. It did not do too well”.

Not long after that, he moved to Boston MA, to pursue a degree in music production at The Berklee College of Music. He struggled a bit musically, and his as my once unwavering confidence in his musical prowess was shaken by the disappointments of his first album. Just like so many of musicians today he decided to try and experiment with a more commercial sound in his bid to get himself the needed attention that from the afrobeats loving demographic. He lost himself, he could no longer write from the heart was gone. The passion and conviction in his delivery was false even though he gained a larger fan base and audience with songs like “Like This” featuring MI.

The album titled Shostoppah was a good but almost all the tracks only showcased his production skills at most but nine of his earlier passionate deliver came out in the album. “I had to force myself to sing in different styles that were not my person” he said.

After Shostoppah the struggle continued, Duncan released single after single trying really hard to impress people at the same time competing with other musicians who were more comfortable in the genre than he was. After releasing his last single Wine Am Low featuring Sukiyaki, which was a song from the commercial afro music perspective, He had a self check moment, and realized how much self doubt he had let himself fall into and how far he had strayed from his original sound. and I was not happy about that at all.

Just as he was beginning to fall into depression and lose all hope, he received two phone calls from two friends who do not know each other and both calls coming in, less than 24 hours of each other. They had called to tell him what he already knew about his sound. They both confirmed that His recent songs sounded pretentious and having heard music from his first album, the felt he was trying to please everyone instead of enjoying his art. This totally threw him off as they hit the hammer on the nail and so he decided to go back to the drawing board and get back to work.

He felt relieved like a big weight had been lifted off his shoulder and all the pressure was gone. He then decided to keep it real and be true to himself and make music how feels it instead of how he felt the world wanted him to. He decided to let passion take over rather than bother about what was popular at the moment. After all, most of the great musicians of our time created trends with their music.

“The best way to achieve any goal or follow through on any dream is by staying true to yourself and not doubting your abilities” Duncan says. The late Steve Jobs once said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – living with the result of others. Everything else is secondary”.

Duncan Daniels,who just became a girl Dad is currently putting finishing touches to third studio Album “iDunkishrock” and recently released the first single off it titled titled “Blindly in Love”.


The Reason I Got Into Music Production - Duncan Onyemuwa

The Reason I Got Into Music Production – Duncan Onyemuwa

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The Reason I Got Into Music Production – Duncan Onyemuwa

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