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If You Can’t Escape From Africa, Please Do Not Have Any Kids



If You Can’t Escape From Africa, Please Do Not Have Any Kids


The experiences from the past few weeks has really got me thinking.

I hit the job market two weeks back. I was practically looking for certain kind of jobs that required specialised skills. I applied to jobs in Nigeria and I also applied to jobs outside. I used a particular job site which updated jobs sporadically.


However, the max number of vacancies for a single day was around 250. Some days could be lower, some days could be higher. Of the 250, half were in sales. Sales, marketing, business development manager kind of jobs. The second half were in some kind of IT field. There were a few engineering jobs here and there though and jobs for doctors. From my experience, this particular site was the best. Other sites had an updated 2, 3 vacancies daily and that was it.


Now compared to outside Africa. Europe, Asia, south America. I didn’t bother with the USA since everyone is concentrated there. I used LinkedIn jobs for this. I made a list of European nations like 30 of them with good living standards and economies and then I used the LinkedIn job feature to type in the type of job I want and the country.

I could also streamline the app to show me jobs that have been added only in the last 24 hours. Each European country brought in more than 2000 vacancies in the last 24 hours. What is shocking is that I was streamlining my search to just a particular field.

This are countries with 2, 3 million people having more jobs than a country with 200 million people. If you remove the 24 hours filter. You get at least 10000 vacancies. Germany’s own is the craziest. Honestly Germans are lucky. If you use the 24 hours filter, with Germany it brought it 24000 results. If you closed that, you would see 180000 results. Now if you go generally and then put 24 hours just to see all the types of jobs that were updated daily you get around a million results. That’s a million new jobs daily. What’s the population of Germany?

It’s also the same thing in Asia and most of south america(for south America I only focused on Chile, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina). Mexico too was also crazy.

For Africa the results were disappointing. Some countries have no jobs. You think Nigeria is bad wait till you see othef African nations. some had their last job posted 3 months back. I thought it was a LinkedIn problem and checked local job boards within those countries and it was disappointing. Only south Africa had 100s to thousands of new vacancies showing up daily.

We are very unproductive in Africa and it’s getting worse. Jobs are not being provided for our young people.

The rate of unemployment in Africa is insane. I am sure it’s more than 80 percent in a majority of countries. I looked all around me and I can can count the number of men gainfully employed. Most people are just shifting through life. I mean even us who went to school whose parents spent a ton of money on our education. How many of us today can boast of salaries of 500000 naira which is just a bit above 1000 dollars.

It’s so scary. When you think about it many Africans especially the millennials and the genz will never be able to even drive cars. Look at the case of Nigeria the importance of oil is fast fizzling out. Our population is booming crazily and our economy is not growing in anyway. There’s stack poverty everywhere in the country.

People are poor and are getting poorer. A 100k in January doesn’t have the same value as a 100k todayand that’s just in how many months. Imagine what will happen 20 years from now. I mean people saw 50k as a bad salary in 2011 but that same 50k is a standard salary now. 50k in 2011 was 300 dollars. Today it’s a bit above a hundred dollars.


Guys if you can’t escape from Africa. There’s honestly no hope for this continent. please don’t get married or have any kids. We are used to this suffering already but to get someone and bring them inside it is witchcraft. There’s absolutely no opportunities for young Africans and we are hated worldwide. Seriously we are already used to the bullshit but please don’t bring another to this lipsrsealed.

If You Can’t Escape From Africa, Please Do Not Have Any Kids




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