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Are You Pooing Properly

Are You Pooing Properly

Are You Pooing Properly??





While everyone’s toilet habits will differ slightly, there are some general pointers for making sure you’re doing your #bestpoo. We’ve broken down some popular pooing myths to help separate the fact from the fiction.

But is there really anything wrong with just going along with nature’s call? Or should you be putting more thought into your movements?

Not pooing when you feel like you need to isn’t great for your body and can have some unpleasant consequences.

One of the problems with holding poo in is that it can start to dry out and become hard to pass. If you don’t pass this poo and things begin to back up, it can cause chronic constipation.

Your digestive system is an ever-working beast. If you get really constipated, your body will start to leak watery poo out around the hard poo blocking your passage, a process called overflow diarrhoea. Things can get even worse from here: if you’re chronically constipated you could wind up with an unpleasant medical condition like faecal impaction or a gut obstruction, which will send you to hospital.

Below are some ways to help you poo better:

  • sitting with your knees higher than your hips (use a foot stool or other flat, stable object if necessary)
  • lean forward and put your elbows on your knees
  • relax and bulge out your stomach
  • straighten your spine.

Are You Pooing Properly






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Are You Pooing Properly

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