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Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why 



Nigeran Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow - See Why 

Nigeran Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why 


Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why

Tubrizzy strides in with an apparent air of confidence albeit a little bit if naivety as well as he settles down to narrate his musical journey. He has an unshakable belief in his ability and an eagerness to learn the ropes, there was a different fire lighted up in him not common to many upcoming artists of his ilk. Welcome to the world of Olatubonsun Victor Olagbami aka ‘Tubrizzy’.


Tubrizzy is a fast-rising young Nigerian artist, songwriter, producer and sound engineer based in Dallas, Texas. The second child and first son of a family of 6 was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria on March 13 and he dropped out of University of Ibadan at 200 Level to move ton the US studying IT. So, how did music come into the picture? “I was born into a family of which both parents were entrepreneurs and some of their investments includes ‘Lamix Place’ (comprises of an event center, hotel, restaurant, bar and a night club)”, He says. This gave the youngster access to artists who came to hang out at his parent’s business.


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Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow - See Why 

Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why 

Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why

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Tubrizzy started going to the studio with most of them. and that was where it all began, it all started from me suggesting lyrics for them to writing songs for them. Then one day as fate would have it, it was a normal day at the studio with artists recording and Tubrizzy suggested showing an artist how to say line on the song he was working on. Soon as he got on the mic, the whole room started hyping him telling him he sounded good on the mic. That was how his journey to the booth began and culminated in his first official song ‘Jeje’ ft R Jay in 2019. The good reception of the song motivated him to continue towing the music line and some of his earliest musical influences include the likes of Wande Coal, Q Dot, Kida Kudz and Davido. Although, his voice sounds like a hybrid of D’banj and Durella, he posits “my kind of music is mostly songs from outside the box, something different from everyday music, something unique’. You might suggest his style is alte when you take a listen to him and according to him, his everyday lifestyle inspires him to do music. “I find myself reserved but my true feelings come out on the mic.

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Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow - See Why 

Nigerian Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why 

He is currently working on his forthcoming EP and has a video dropping soon. He explains further, “The EP is titled ‘Evergreen’ and every song on the EP says a lot about myself, my state of mind as well as my present position on my journey in the music industry”. Fans would be surprised to know that despite his energetic stage presence, Tubrizzy is open to suggestions and corrections to improve on his craft without feeling some type of way. His favourite food is an African classic, Yam with Eggs and he would like to work with the likes Davido, Burnaboy and Peruzzi. Faced with the question, where do you see yourself musically in the next 5 years? His face brightens up and breaks into a smile then he replies, “I am very confident with my craft, so I see myself topping charts, breaking barriers and touring around the world”. Music for him is a way of expressing yourself to the world because someone out there feels the exact way you do. Thus, music is his way of connecting with people who feel the same way and the same things he feels.

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Tubrizzy reckons that the Afrobeat genre is the new wave and genuinely believes it is on a race to taking over the world and dominating. He has the songs ‘Down’ by himself featuring Royal T as well as Bankuli ft Note3s ‘Foreign’ currently on repeat on his playlist as he preps for his forthcoming EP ‘Evergreen’. Tubrizzy is confident in his abilities and determined to rise to the top of the game. The talented young artist is eager to learn and fulfill his burning desire of getting to the top of the charts. In his words “Do whatever makes you happy, don’t ever hold yourself back, believe in yourself and for no reason don’t ever feel you are alone”. The time is now for Tubrizzy and he is ready to show the world the stuff his made of.”

Nigeran Artist Tubrizzy is set to blow – See Why 

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