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Download Full Album Here: NSG – Roots



Download Full Album : NSG - Roots

Download Full Album : NSG – Roots


The album every one is waiting for is finally out, As the music group NSG teamed up and finally came with ROOTS


East London Afrobeats music group, NSG, has released their debut Album Project which is titled “Roots“.


“We all have a story to tell,” NSG member Papii Abz explains to Apple Music. “We all bring something to the table—individually and within the collective at the same time. So it’s not NSG if everyone’s not on the song. We all represent greatness.” Roots—the group’s debut mixtape—sees the East Londoners’ spirited, chameleonic rap lend the driving seat to any of its members at any moment. In the group’s earliest days, honesty and compromise led to a larger set of around 15 trimmed down to six—Papii Abz, Kruddz, Mxjib, Mojo, OGD and Dope—helping to solidify a tight-knit bond formed as teenagers, and still evident in the music. The debut tape arrives after “Options”—fused with vibrant bashment breaks and percussive Afrobeat elements—set the crew’s momentum with a six-month chart stay in 2019. It also set expectations high for this tape, while also attracting detractors who tagged NSG one-hit wonders.


Roots has plenty of moments that make fools of those people. “We used to sit around and laugh about it,” says Abz. “We had the songs, we had everything. But we knew it was all about the timing. We take our time with things, but it’s always a group decision.” Here, OGD, Papii Abz and Mxjib break down their debut mixtape, track by track.





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